Chemicals Peels

What are AFAs?

AFAs are the new age generation of the glycolic peel. AFAs are based on the same natural acidic amino acids that serve to retain moisture in human skin. They are also potent antioxidants an extremely helpful against photo pigmentation. They are remarkably free of irritation at effective pH levels.

All skin types are able to utilize this amazing treatment, anyone from normal skin types to cancer patients, pregnant or nursing women, rosacea base skins, actinic keratoses, and most acne based skins with No skin irritation and no downtime.

“AFA’ is an acronym for Amino acid Filaggrin based Antioxidants. Filaggrin is a protein that occurs in the upper layer of the skin, the responsible for the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It’s like the moat around the castle, protecting the skin from environmental exposures, Allergens, etc.

AFA antioxidant facial peels are performed only in a physician’s office by skin care specialist. AFA facial peels consist of high concentrations of AFAs, and biweekly basis. They will dramatically accelerate the effectiveness of your skincare program.

We recommend that you have at least six AFA peels biweekly intervals. Since most patients experience rapid improvement in their skin after their AFA peel, many choose to continue their facials on an ongoing basis as a part of their skin care regimen.

To address your skin’s specific issues, your physician or skin care specialist will help you decide whether more than six peels are necessary, and what AFA facial peel strength are required.