Pillar Stone

Did someone say meditation and facial? Restore energy and improve circulation with chakra healing and crystal facials.

Our signature, premiere Pillar Stone facial is like no other. We start this treatment with a small energy clearing ceremony including palo santo wood to clear initial energy bringing your senses to a calmed state. This 90 minute treatment includes a resurfacing mask w. warming with scents of cinnamon and apple calms as it exfoliates aiding in removal of dead skin, helping with fine lines wrinkles. Then followed by a signature dermaplaning treatment to add to the glow of the skin. A 24 karat gold mask is then applied then personally chosen crystals are placed in chakra positions on the face, we then follow this with a 30 minute meditation and sound healing bath for added energy calming and boosting, the energy of the crystal helps to relieve stress in the face and jaw. The crystal energy is drawn into the skin and body balances chakras, mood and balances circulation.

The crystal facial process:

  • Palo Santo cleansing ritual
  • Double cleanse
  • Tone
  • Resurfacing mask
  • Dermaplaning
  • 24K gold mask application
  • Placement of crystals utilized to promote circulation, tone, and lymph drainage
  • Crystals are used to shock the system to reduce inflammation, congestion and tone the skin.
  • Palo Santo burning  breathing ritual
  • Intuitive energy healing combining crystal, energy metaphysical clearing, and sound bath healing techniques used during a beautiful guided meditation.

90 minutes